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  1. Meanings of love
  2. Dialogue between a teacher and a young student discussing the things the student loves in life
  3. Nouns with Love
  4. Adjectives with Love
  5. Adverbs with Love
  6. Collocations with Love
  7. Love Idioms

Love is a universal feeling that is experienced by many towards other people, animals, places, ideas, morals, sports and so on. You will hear many singers singing about love and many movies themed on love.

The word love in English can be used in various ways with different meanings and functions. Continue reading to find out these meanings and usages of the word love.

The different meanings of love:

  1. As a noun love can be used to refer to a person, animal, place or object that a person has great affection or liking for, such as a family pet, a best friend or a sentimental landmark.
  2. As a noun it can also refer to a person that somebody loves and is attracted to romantically, such as a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.
  3. As a verb love refers to liking or having affection for someone or something.
  4. The verb can also refer to the sexual or romantic attraction a person feels for somebody else.


When the noun love is used to refer someone or something you like or care for deeply.

  • I have three dogs and two cats, they are the loves of my life.
  • The love I have for my job will never fade.

When the noun love refers to a person that you love and are attracted to romantically.

  • My husband is my first love and my only love.
  • Love, let’s go out for dinner tonight” her partner said to her.
  • The feeling I have for you can only be described as love.

When the verb love refers to liking somebody or something.

  • I love my family, we are very close and we all care deeply for one another.
  • He loved playing tennis when he was younger, he would practice every day and compete in all the competitions.
  • The children loved going to school because their teacher always made learning new topics fun and interesting.

When the verb is used to refer the feeling of a romantic attraction between people.

  • I love my wife and I would do anything for her.
  • We met in high school and we have loved each other ever since.
  • She will never love him the way he loves her.


Below is a dialogue between a teacher and a young student discussing the things the student loves in life:

Teacher: Today we are going to discuss love and the things we love in life. Andrew, what do you think the meaning of love is?
Andrew: I think when you love somebody, you care for them and would do anything for them.

Teacher: That’s very good, who do you love Andrew?
Andrew: I love my mum, my dad, my siblings and my cousins.

Teacher: Why do you love your parents?
Andrew: I love my parents because they are fun and they play with me. They help me with my homework and bring me to the cinema. Even when they give out to me, I still love them.

Teacher: Do you have any pets?
Andrew: Yes, I have three dogs.

Teacher: Do you think it is possible to love something other than people, like your three dogs?
Andrew: I think so, I love my dogs, they are my best friends. I have known them all my life and I love playing with them.
Teacher: Thank you, Andrew.

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Other words we can create with love:


1. Love
having a score of zero in a tennis match

  • “The score is still love-love, let’s wait and see how the game progresses” the commentator said.
  • “What’s the score?” ”It’s 30-love to Williams. Williams is having an unbelievable match!”

2. Loveliness
a quality of being kind, caring or physically attractive

  • Her loveliness and caring nature made her an ideal mother and role model to her children.
  • The loveliness at the exhibition was overwhelming. Each piece was more beautiful and intricate than the one before it.
  • From their apartment they had a view of the sea, it was a picture of loveliness.

3. Lover
a person who is having a romantic relationship with somebody, it is usually a more casual relationship and outside of marriage

  • We were lovers in college, now we are married with three children.
  • “Are they in a relationship?” “Yes, they are lovers.

4. Lovebirds
a couple that love each other very much

  • Those lovebirds are infatuated with one another and can’t take their eyes off each other.
  • When we were together we were like two lovebirds, we adored each other.


1. Loving
showing strong affection or attraction

  • He is a loving father to his children, he cares dearly for them and would protect them with his life.
  • Her loving boyfriend, treated her to a home cooked meal after a long day at work.
  • They have a loving dog who they see as a member of their family.

2. Loveable
describing a person, animal or object that is easy to love

  • Puppies and kittens are loveable, it’s impossible not to love them!
  • Their baby son was so loveable, the parents couldn’t keep their eyes off him.
  • She thought he was so fun and loveable that she decided to ask him out.

3. Lovely
describing someone or something that is nice, attractive or pleasant

  • The couple went to the park and had a picnic, they had a lovely day together.
  • The wedding dress fitted the bride perfectly, she looked lovely.
  • The lovely shop assistant helped the lost child find her parents.

4. Lovelier
the comparative form of lovely.

  • Many people think roses are lovelier than lilies.
  • “The pink dress with the pretty pattern is lovelier than that dress” her friend told her.
  • The park around the corner is lovelier than this park, let’s go there instead.

5. Loveliest
the superlative form of lovely

  • Sunset is the loveliest time of day.
  • He is the loveliest person I know, he is so nice and thoughtful.
  • “You are the loveliest child in the world” said the loving father to his child.


1. Lovingly
showing or feeling affection or love for someone or something else

  • They hugged each other lovingly.
  • “I love you and I will always love you.” She told her partner lovingly.
  • The mother lovingly carried her sleeping child to bed.

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1. Love life
this is a part of somebody’s life concerning their romantic activities and relationships

  • “How is your love life?” “It’s not great, I haven’t gone on a date in months and I’m not interested in anyone at the moment!”

2. Loved one
this usually refers to a very close friend or a member of the family

  • Our family has lost many loved ones over the past few years, we will never forget the members of this family who have passed away.

3. Love letter
a romantic letter written from one lover to another

  • He sent her a love letter every day while he was away. In these love letters, he talked about their future together and how much he loved her.

4. Love song
a song about love

  • The singer and song writer wrote many love songs, inspired by the person he loved.

5. Love poem
a poem about love

  • She enjoys reading love poems because they are romantic and remind her of her own lover.

6. Love affair
when a couple is romantically involved, sometimes this relationship or affair is hidden from the outside world

  • They decided to keep their love affair a secret, they didn’t want anybody to know about their relationship.

7. First love
the first person somebody falls in love with

  • He was my first love. We met in school and we were infatuated with one another. I had never felt that way about somebody before I met him.

8. True love
this is a very strong and special feeling of love and affection for somebody else

  • You are my true love, I will never love somebody else the way I love you.

9. Young love
this refers to a couple that are in love and are adolescents. They may be naive, innocent or immature but they are committed and dedicated to one another

  • They are in young love, they fell in love fast and are obsessed with one another.

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1. Madly in love 
to be deeply or extremely in love with somebody

  • They are madly in love, they love and trust each other and will always be loyal to one another.

2. Make love
a romantic way to refer to sexual intercourse

  • They made love for the first time.

3. No love lost between
there is a mutual animosity between two people

  • There is no love lost between the two colleagues, they have never liked each other.

4. For love nor money
this idiom means that a person won’t do something no matter what is offered to them

  • I won’t sell this house, it is my family home. It has been in the family for decades! I won’t sell it for love nor money, there is nothing that you can say or do that will change my mind.

5. Blinded by love
when a person is so madly in love with somebody that they can’t see the persons faults or negative characteristics

  • She is so blinded by love that she can’t see him for who he truly is. He is not a good person, he is rude and disrespectful to everyone around him, including her.

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