Mama Bear Saves Woman From Starving Wolf

Joanne Barnaby was deep in the Canadian wilderness hunting wild mushrooms when she heard the growl of a wolf. She turned to see her dog facing off with a big black wolf. The wolf looked skinny and hungry, but was still twice the size of her dog. Joanne had made the near fatal mistake of leaving her gun in her truck. It was at this point that she went from being the hunter to being the hunted.

Joanne said the wolf was smart. “He was actually being very, very strategic in trying to separate me from my dog and wear me down. I don’t think he was strong enough to take us both on.” Joanne tried many times to head back to the road where she left her truck, but each time the wolf cut her off forcing her and her dog deeper into the forest. The sun was setting, and the wolf was slowly wearing them down.

They had no food and no water, and the air was so thick with mosquitoes she could barely see. As she rubbed her face, her hands became red with blood and mosquitoes. Joanne and her dog soon became exhausted as the wolf pushed them deeper and deeper into the wilderness throughout the night.

Joanne is part Inuit and grew up hunting and hiking in the wilderness. Her knowledge of the forest is what saved her life. As dawn approached, she had been on the run for 12 hours. She was at her breaking point, when she heard the sounds of a mother bear calling its cub. Joanne realized that this was her chance. While most people would do anything to avoid getting in between a mother bear and her cub, ‘desperate times call for desperate measures.’ She moved toward the cub hoping to pit the mother bear against the wolf, and that is exactly what happened. “All of a sudden I could hear this crashing behind me and this yelping and growling and howling,” she said. “I just got out of there as fast as I could—from all of them, the cub, the mama bear and wolf.”

After one of the longest and most dangerous nights of her life, Joanne and her dog emerged from the forest covered in mosquito bites, but unharmed. She said, “It would have been a short story if I had my gun.”

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