Professor Has 22 Children With 18 Mothers

New York City math professor, Ari Nagel, has 22 children with 18 different women.

Ari’s oldest child is 12, and Ari is in a serious long-term relationship with the mother. The other 17 women were just looking for a sperm donor and Ari was happy to help. Some of these women were single and wanting to have a baby. Others were lesbian couples looking to have a child.

While some of these women were impregnated through artificial insemination, others asked for his baby making services done the natural way. He says he’s not looking for sex, though. “I just love seeing how happy the moms and kids are … That’s why I do this.”

He claims that all of these children were created with no strings attached. All the mothers understood that he would not financially support the children. This hasn’t stopped 5 of the 18 mothers from suing him for child support. Ari now pays half of his income to court-ordered child support payments to those five mothers.

Father’s Day is around the corner, and it will no doubt be a tricky day for Ari. He has varying levels of contact with his children. Ari sees some of them every week, others every month and some of them just yearly. Others he has never met.

Ari provides his services for free, while traditional sperm banks can cost thousands of dollars. Ari is probably not just attracting bargain baby hunters. One mother says, “He’s a lot of fun to be around, he loves people, he’s outgoing, and he’s gorgeous.” The fact that he is 6-foot-2 and a math professor probably attracts mothers who want smart, athletic, good-looking children.

With advances in gene manipulation, women in the future won’t need to seek out tall, handsome math professors to increase their chances of getting a smarter, stronger, healthier baby. When that day comes, society will have to deal with a slippery slope. Most parents who can afford it will choose to give their children every genetic advantage they can. But what will happen to the children of the poor born without genetic manipulation? Will we be walking down a dangerous road towards a dystopian future?

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